Our arts, film and publishing  project seeks to equipped the community and individuals  

 the skills and tools around, Human and Citizenship, Community and Social factors,  interventions and services support, 


1. Attitudes that support crime

2. Self-management/impulse control and problem-solving difficulties

3. Social network that supports/engages in crime

4. Lack of supportive and pro-social family/marital relationships

5. Substance or alcohol misuse

6. Lack of work or unstable employment

7. Lack of positive recreation/leisure activities

8. Homelessness/living in a criminal neighbourhood  

Our activities foster altruism and develop team working skills. with a significant emphasis on contributing positively to the local community, feelings of hope and self-efficacy, a future focus,  sense of a new and pro-social identity and  doing good, to be good the activities broaches those centered on arts, drama, media, and music as well as time-bound, task-oriented projects are appropriate to this category.

We aim to  provide participants with the tools, skills and links to support, to overcome barriers such as lack of work experience, low educational achievement and weak family and community ties, as well as providing practical support to enable them to engage with mainstream services (e.g. setting up bank accounts, registering with health provision, linking to accommodation support, debt advice, careers advice.


We believe that education, training and work experience should feature heavily within any service offer, In simple terms, activities should fit well on a participant’s CV and / or should enhance their sense of being able to contribute positively to their local community and economy.


Our programmes aims to: 

  • Complement and add value to existing Provision;

  • Enhance engagement with the priority groups that often do not access mainstream      funding;

  • Improve employability skills and work readiness activities;

  • Reduce and remove barriers to society reintegration

  • Increase participation in the labour market and thereby improve social inclusion and mobility

  • Promote social justice by supporting additional and/or more intensive provision tailored    to local needs

We want to strength:

  • Strong ties to family and pro-social personal   support

  • Relationship coaching interventions

  • Community capital – meaningful position and  value within your community

  • Sense of purpose, meaning and recognition of your worth from others

  • Therapeutic approaches for young adults that involve the family (such as Multi-Systemic Therapy)

  • Independent living

  • Careers advice

  • Debt advice

  • Referral to healthcare (including Reconnect Programme)

  • We engage  through the creative arts 

  • Sustain  through social interaction, strengthen community ties and support networks.

  • Support  to reduce barriers to progression, develop   personal and resilience

  • Progress  through engagement with professionals and   mainstream